Ishfaq Ahmed


Professional education, and not any ordinary qualification in general education, should be the focal point of every student. The youth of the nation should not be left idle to waste its time. They must be persuaded and motivated to pursue higher studies in the best possible way, and to achieve their qualification in the shortest possible time.

But they must remember that this life is fleeting. It is a preparatory field for the life hereafter. This fact shall enable them to strive for the success in the hereafter also. For that success they must:

Offer their prayers regularly.

Be truthful and Earn Rizq-e-Hilal.

Nighat Ahmad


Although a clichéd saying, I feel nothing could more accurately describe the inspiring journey that the Professionals, Academy of Commerce has been on. Today ,PAC has over 125000 Alumni working across The world in Well-respected financial institution, more than 150 highly competent faculty members, 5,000 + full time students studying across the purpose built campuses in Lahore, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Dubai and Ajman ,each offering different specialists accounting courses. The history of academic achievements and medals received by PAC is the market leader when it comes to accounting education in Pakistan.

Jafar Husain

Central Principal

We are grateful all the people who worked hard to contribute in making of The professionals’ Academy of Commerce an institution where students can acquire the quality education without going abroad. PAC’S mission is to maintain a leadership position in professional education and training sector by providing services to our stakeholders with the highest standards of integrity, quality and efficiency through the generation, assimilation, and dissemination of knowledge. We would continue to strive to strengthen the environment to promote group spirit and commitment to excellence amongst our study partners and staff, thereby providing opportunity for growth of individual members.



Central Vice Principal

These are exciting times for The Professionals’ Academy of Commerce as we have achieved many milestones. The professionals’ Academy of commerce PAC is dedicated to the demands of excellence and rigor in the classroom and to ensuring our programs are accessible to those of all backgrounds. This is another achievement that now PAC’S qualified professionals are in great demand in the market. In addition to the providing facilities for various non-accounting exams also through the PFARSON VUE, courses of CA,ACCA, AFD. PAC is now has made its mark in high level training to senior-level executives at various commercial organizations in this connection, PAC conducts customized training Program for the officers of FBR. Hence, the quality and competence of PAC’S faculty is recognized in government circles as well.