Our Academic Support Hub

  • Coordination Department
    The coordination between its departments is a basic tool in successful progress of any organization. Our Coordination Department is responsible for coordination between different departments of PAC.
  • Registration Department
    Like all recognised universities and colleges, PAC has a separate Registration Department. As a student gets registered with PAC his registration form is sent to registration department for safe custody. The complete information of students is maintained in hard and soft form in this department.
  • Teacher Assistant Department
    We have a complete team of Teacher Assistants who are available from 8 am to 5 pm. Assistance of teachers and counseling of students are their basic responsibilities. It is an energetic and enthusiastic team of CA students. Each TA has a sound knowledge of his relevant subject and can solve the queries of students.
  • Examination Department
    The success of any educational institute depends upon the results produced by its students. From the start to the end of session, PAC Examination Department works for improving the performance of our students. The assessment through Class Tests, First Terms, Second Terms and Mock Examinations all are administered by Examinations Department.
  • Facilitation Department
    If a student has any query regarding class rooms, time tables or has any admin related issue he is facilitated by our Facilitation Department. To mention some of its responsibilities; The department ensures that the class rooms are ready for lectures, time tables have been displayed on notice boards and distributed among the students.
  • Attendance Monitoring Unit
    PAC has a unique system to monitor the attendance of students. Our trained personnel are available outside each class room who marks the attendance of students in a printed sheet. This process not only saves the precious time of our teachers but also ensures the physical presence of student in class.