Our STAR FIGHTERS Testimonials

“PAC’s teachers are the most competent and respected teachers for the studies of Chartered Accountancy. Well planned test sessions organized by PAC are the reason I was able to practice and test my preparation for exams as teachers checked my tests and guided me how to secure good marks in exams and it enabled me to perform well under exam conditions and secure Certificate of Merit in subject of Information Technology Audit, Management and Control.

Organization committee encourages, supports, and motivates students to take some time off the studies and freshen up their minds by showing their talents in different events arranged at the institute. It helps the students mind to be more active and it develops different set of skills in the students which cannot be learned otherwise.

It is a great honor to be the part of PAC, The best institute for professional studies.”
– Wasif Riaz, Certificate of Merit holder in CA Final ICAP Result Winter-14

“For me PAC is a proper guardian of my educational career. Entering the walls of PAC and seeing the pictures of high achievers hanging high I had never thought of being there one day. But by the grace of Allah , my teachers guidance and of course PAC’s system, it became possible. For me PAC’S system of coaching went great and helpful. Achieving this certificate of merit and a feel of being on the top is a wonderful experience.”
– Muhammad Sheharyar Bsra, Certificate of Merit holder in ICAP Result Autumn-14

“PAC is the only professionally designed institution which is complete in all respects. I always saw myself as an average student but when I joined PAC, the environment which existed here allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and excel by achieving the certificate of merit. The world class faculty is unmatched and the system of examination that PAC has developed is truly fool proof. PAC also provides students opportunities to engage in recreational activities. As the Editor in Chief of Al-Haseeb my schedule has always been hectic but PAC has shaped me into an organised individual that I am now able to balance my studies with other activities as well.”
– Shiza Shahid, Certificate of Merit holder in ICAP Result Autumn-14

“Before joining PAC I was nothing but an ordinary student it is actually PAC which made me believe in my abilities and steered me in right direction. For CA qualification I believe that the PAC is the best institute in PAKISTAN according to its faculty and student oriented approach. My gold medal in module E would have never been possible without PAC.”
– Adeel Ur Rehman, Module E Gold Medalist in ICAP Summer-13

“I chose PAC because of its renowned faculty, excellent study environment, and amazing academic record. PAC made me believe in my ability to be a high achiever. I have secured 5 certificates of merit one in module A (Quantitative Methods), two in module C (Financial Accounting and Taxation), and two in module D (Auditing and Information Technology).I also secured two gold medals one on my performance in the subject of Financial Accounting and on overall performance in module C and D.”
– Muhammad Saad, Gold Medalist & Certificate of Merit holder in ICAP Spring-13

“PAC enabled me not only to achieve two Certificates of Merit but also polished my presentation skills. I was selected as the best presenter of PAC and was part of the team which achieved position in ICAP’s quiz 2013.”
– Amal Gulraiz, Certificate of Merit holder in ICAP Spring-13

“First of all, my endless thanks go to almighty Allah, who wrote this day in my life. The credit for my success goes mainly to the methodology adopted by PAC and the faculty members, who invoke my interest in the subjects, which were totally new for me. Besides my respected class teachers, our honorable Principal Sir. Jafar Husain, FCA frequent counseling consolidated my base towards the examination-based study approach.

In the end, the prayers of my parents, specially to my mother’s.”

“With the name of ALLAH Almighty Who blessed me with His never-ending blessings. Thanks to my parents who prayed for my success and my teachers who taught, guided and put me on the road that leads to success. I am also thankful to all those who helped me in my studies and prayed for my success.

After result I faced a question, “how you got it, even it is hard to pass the CA exam”. Nothing is impossible; this is the world of possibilities. I did one thing that I never regarded books as my enemies but best friends whom I meet daily. I know everyone wants to know about my planning, study timing and how tough I took my studies. The whole of my planning is that I never let my books for dust. One thing that I want to say is that never set the uneven goals. You are the best judge of yourself, you know yourself better than others do. Every time, you go to plan your studies you set the hard targets that can not be achieved even with hard work. I never did that. I chose soft ones but did them with sincerity and steadiness. And it is my request to all students, read little but read daily and never let your books for dust.”
– Shehzad Rauf, CERTIFICATE OF MERIT IN ICAP Spring 12

“Everyone knows the “secret” of success yet everyone keeps asking for it. The ingredients for success are hard work and consistency. We must have the courage to set high targets and then focus all our energies in their pursuit. I felt more motivated and energized when someone said to me “you cannot do it.” Our imagination is a product of input received from our senses therefore we can utilize our senses to achieve what we have imagined. I praise and thank my Master for providing me with a supportive family, best teachers and an institute that made my success possible.

Hard work does not mean that you have to study 24/7. I play a lot of computer games and completed two parts of Assassin’s Creed series during Module D. To pass exams it is very important to study on a daily basis whatever is taught in class. Proper study environment and a timetable are essential.”

“I was a high achiever since my intermediate days but PAC motivated me to attain new heights of excellence. I secured 3 certificates of merit in one Module and a Gold Medal. I am now doing training in a firm and PAC is still a very important partner in my professional development.”
– Awais Mehmood, Gold Medalist & 4 Certificates of Merit holder in ICAP Autumn-11

“Presently I am a trainee in AF Ferguson Chartered Accountants. Prior to joining PAC for my CA program. I was an ordinary student. PAC made me believe in my ability to be a high achiever. I secured two certificates of merit in Module C and D and a Gold Medal on my performance in Module C and D.”
– Sikander Iqbal, Gold Medalist & 4 Certificates of Merit holder in ICAP Autumn-10