PAC Featured Success Stories

“It was Ishfaq Sahab’s dream to deliver quality education which brought him to CA education. Right from day one, he focused on quality and today that quality is acknowledged throughout Pakistan.

PAC’s focus is not confined to academic achievement of its students; it also focuses on personality development of its students. For that we carry out number of co-curricular activities.”
– Jafar Husain, Central Principal PAC

“PAC is a complete institution. PAC has also rendered trainings for Government servants and accountants working in industry. Its services for training of officers of FBR are always acknowledged and liked by the participants of those trainings.

PAC’s study material is used by the students throughout Pakistan. In fact PAC is the largest local publisher for professional accountancy in Pakistan.”
– Salah-ud-Din, FCA, Central vice Principal PAC

“I have a continuous relationship of 15years with PAC: first as a student and then as a teacher. PAC has played an immense role in my professional development. Both as student and as teacher I always found PAC management focused on quality education and concerned about the progress of its students. I feel proud to be a part of PAC.”
– Asim Zulfiqar, Partner AF Ferguson

“PAC is one of the most important institutions in my life. PAC helped me achieve qualification which became starting point of my career growth. I had the honor of being a student of Ishfaq Sahib. He mentored me during those days and immensely motivated me.”
– Aftab Mahmood Butt, CEO KAPCO

“I have had the opportunity of visiting many colleges and REATs; PAC is the most progressive REAT which has developed into an institution. It is truly following the guidelines and thoughts of the founder, my dear friend and teacher (Late) Ishfaq Ahmad.”
– Imran Afzal, FCA Partner AnjumAsimShahid & Co, Former president ICAP, LTBA.

“PAC is an example of how hard work and perseverance brings fruit in all odds.” 
– Shaukat Amin Shah,FCA Amin &Co Former President ICAP,LTBA

“May God bless PAC with lot of growth and prosperity.” 
– Ale Imran Saddiqi, FCA

“PAC has provided the students with excellent facilities. I wish the faculty and students all the best.” 
– Shahzad Hussain, FCA Partner A.F Ferguson

“A very nice campus, and I wish great success in the coming years for this institution, started by our best colleague late Mr. Ishfaq Sahib.”
– M. Tufail Salariya, FCA Salariya & Co Chartered Accountant