A quality alternative to the traditional Institute!

Quality, affordability, employability encapsulates our approach to higher education at PAC Group of Colleges

There are therefore many good reasons to choose PAC for your Professional studies:

  • Enjoy the highest standards of academic quality and professional relevance
  • Save on your tuition fees – our fees represent a significant cost saving over the fees that many institutes now charge – PAC students are therefore likely to qualified with lower levels of debt and could even graduate debt-free;
  • Take advantage of a teaching timetable designed to give you the best chance of your social life management.
    • core lectures and tutorials are concentrated into two intensive days rather than being spread out unevenly over the whole week;
  • Profit from the expertise of our lecturers:
    • All have an in depth knowledge of their subject area;
    • All are adept at communicating their expertise in a lively, informative way;
    • All are skilled at encouraging students to develop critical and analytical abilities as well as subject knowledge;
    • The majority have a wealth of hands-on, practical experience of business and thus personal insights from contemporary business inform their teaching;
  • Delight in all the attractions of a LAHORE location.  PAC is a few minutes’ walk from:
    • Mini Market Gulberg;
    • Ghalib Market
    • New Auriga Market
    • Saddiq Trade Center;