World Wide Recognition

The ICAP’s affiliation with international bodies has enhanced the spirit of collaboration among the member countries and has played an effective role in promoting standards of competence and high quality for the accountants.


ICAP is proud member of the International Federation of Accountants and has achieved global competence through adherence with quality international standards set by IFAC that are working to promote and develop best practices and values.


ICAP coordinates with Confederation of Asian & Pacific Accountants to augment the accountancy standards and advance the profession by promoting harmonization through the adaptation of IFAC and IASB standards.


South Asian Federation of Accountants serves as a regional platform of chartered accountants. ICAP is an active member of SAFA that serves as a professional accountancy forum for SAARC member bodies.


Under the MoU signed between ICAP and ICAEW, ICAP members get exemption from the professional stage exams and mandatory training of ICAEW. ICAP members are only required to complete the advanced stage exams and the ethics module for membership of ICAEW.


ICAP members with 12 years experience, through Evaluation of Experience (EvE) program, are eligible to become members of the Canadian institute of Chartered without appearing in any further examinations.

ICAP members meeting the general membership criteria are also eligible for membership subject to:

  • Having a university degree granted by a recognized university;
  • Passing the Evaluation (UEF); and
  • Meeting the practical experience requirements (term, depth, breadth and progression) of the Canadian CA profession. Practical experience obtained pre-and-post-qualification as a member of the ICAP is included.